2020 Q2 Review and Q3 Preview

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Our Review Of Q2 2020

Coronavirus or no Coronavirus I’m pleased to confirm that our Q2 plans were executed without a hitch. The TD team spent countless hours working on investment opportunities with clients in what we have dubbed “Satellite Cities and Tertiary Towns”. We have had major success in locations like Wolverhampton and Redditch.

One of the widely felt effects of the current global climate across the property market is construction being slowed on most projects. Where most still only saw a 3-4 week shut down on site due to social distancing rules etc, the real issue proved to be delivery of materials. I am pleased to say that all of our projects have weathered the storm and in most cases are only 2 months behind their original schedule. But because from the start, we build in contingencies, the anticipated completion dates for most of our projects haven’t been affected at all.

There was a lot of speculation from those outside of the industry as to prices and values falling due to the economic uncertainty, with some anticipating market crashes akin to 2008. But our experts maintained that the factors in place that caused property values to drop back then were not present going into this phase. There was no bubble and thus there won’t be a heavy fall. All the evidence of late from market commentators such as Rightmove for example, in fact reflect on average a 1.9% increase on pre-lockdown prices. This is thanks to what they called the “pent-up home mover momentum”.

Another surprise result is the re-emergence of opportunities available in our big city offerings such as Regent Plaza in Manchester and the highly exciting JQ Rise launch – a flagship “gateway” development in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Not only this, the UK “Staycation Market” is finally now becoming the worst kept secret in property investment. With the masses in the UK realising that their overseas holidays this year will most probably be on hold, good quality UK hospitality destinations are seeing bookings soar. We at TD have been somewhat ahead of that curve and in late 2019 started putting the final touches on our Liv Lodges Luxury UK Holiday Home Investment. We’ve had an incredible response from investors wanting to benefit from these fully booked and high yielding sites.

So as we close out on the second quarter of what has already been one of the most monumental years of a generation, we are seeing everyday buyers back in the market as well as the return of the buy to let mortgages from high street banks and confidence growing day by day. Congratulations to those that have been aggressive during this time and expanded their portfolios, taking advantage of cheap lending and a buyers’ market. You will no doubt see the rewards of such self-assurance.

The TD Focus Q3

Moving in to what is typically a very busy period for us, we are armed with some of the most attractive and secure property investment options in the UK. From Big City focus points (Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool) offering excellent long term appreciation prospects and strong rental demand to smaller towns and cities benefitting from industry leading long term rental management contracts and the ripple effect of their famous neighbours. And then the cherry on top is the highly lucrative holiday lodge market with which, we are working with the coolest and most “on trend” brand on the market.

I am also pleased to announce the official launch of our 30 & Under and our Expat Investor Clubs. Depending on lockdown rules and regulations, we are scheduling some exciting events with a host of impressive and influential speakers. We will offer exclusive offers and deals/packages that are only available at the events so for more information on these, please stay tuned.

Q3 in my opinion, is going to be epic! British summertime, a juggernaut of a market with the Bank of England pumping in £100bn in to the economy and more and more opportunities to meet, talk to and network with investor on the same journey as ours – growing a property portfolio that can weather any economic fluctuation. I look forward to working with you further.