What is the current state of the UK property market?

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year presenting investors with opportunities that were totally unexpected. When considering the current state of the UK property market there are several key factors at play which have had an impact and will continue to affect the conditions in which investors are able to secure buy to let […]

How much interest is there in London from European Investors?

View of the Tower Bridge in London at night

Not too long ago it was reported that European investors were the most active of all the overseas buyers purchasing a property in London in the first half of 2020. For the first time since 2011 European investor activity superseded investment activity by AsiaPac investors. International real estate firm Savills shared that their research which […]

What happens if the developer goes bust and I’ve already invested?

Scaffolding construction site black and white

For many reasons off plan property makes an excellent investment, one of the key factors being the opportunity to achieve strong capital appreciation. Furthermore, early investors are often privy to favourable purchase prices and have access to the choice pickings of the units. But what happens if the developer goes bust after you’ve paid your […]

5 reasons to invest in property through a limited company

Over the past few years tax has continued to increase for landlords and those who hold property privately in their personal name have been worst affected by those changes. We’re often asked ‘should I buy a rental property through a company?’ by our clients, the answer is often dependent on individual circumstances. If you’re considering […]

Friday News #086 – How to make sense of the contradictory house price headline

Friday News#086 – 4th of December 2020 The frenzied property market continuously reported on by the media is largely focused around country houses and in many ways is creating a distorted picture in the media.  The properties we recommend to our investors are within areas seeing continued and sustainable growth – where investors can secure […]

Friday News #083 – Tenant demand surges in the west of England

Friday News#083 – 13th of November 2020 Traditionally at this time of year, the property market experiences a gradual seasonal slow-down in the run up to Christmas, however, following an exceptionally busy summer and despite the second national lockdown the UK property market is continuing to see high levels of activity. Landlords are rightly seeking […]

Friday News #080 – Don’t leave it too late for buy-to-let

Friday News#080 – 23rd of October 2020 With property transactions currently taking considerably longer to reach conclusion, multiple lenders and news outlets have this week encouraged buyers hoping to make the most of the stamp duty holiday to secure a property as soon as possible. Here’s what we’ve seen in the news this week: Don’t […]

Friday News #079 – Rents outside the capital hit new record high

Friday News#079 – 16th of October 2020 Where are you investing in property in 2020?  In the current climate, we’re constantly asked for our opinion on where to buy an investment property. Based on market analysis, trends and projections we have some excellent suggestions for those investors looking to make the most out of the […]

Friday News #078 – House prices rise by 7.3%

Friday News#078 – 9th of October 2020 The key to success for investors purchasing buy-to-let property in 2020 is securing the right type of property to match the tenant demand, in a location that not only has potential for future capital growth but has proven itself to be a worthy investment choice, and importantly not […]