Stamp Duty holiday – how it will work for buy-to-let

rishi sunak holding red breifcase

On the 8th July 2020, in his Summer Statement, British chancellor Rishi Sunak, announced a stamp duty holiday that will run until the end of March 2021. Investors will have likely expected it not to apply to buy-to-let purchases or second homes as the government have only increased taxes and tightened restrictions for lending on […]

Is a holiday let better than a buy to let?

Cottage hanging over loch in scotland

Whilst traditional buy-to-let properties remain to be a very appealing investment opportunity, investors are wise to consider all types of property investment to decide which will work best for their portfolio. In recent years there has been a growing demand for holidays in the UK, or ‘staycations’ as they’re often called; a UK holiday let […]

Redditch – A subsidiary town with a lot to offer

Redditch Ariel Overview

Investors seeking the best opportunities in 2020 should be focusing their attention on tertiary locations; there are several small towns and cities located on the outskirts or within close proximity of a larger city, in various locations across the UK that have huge potential that is yet to be realised. Finding the best towns for […]

How to gauge the rental rates for your investment properties

Money Income form Rental Properties

When considering rental investment property you’ll likely see the property sale price advertised and if it’s an existing buy-to-let with a history of being let or a purpose-built rental property there will also be an expected yield advertised. This rental yield might be guaranteed for a certain amount of time which means you won’t have […]

Common Mortgages Questions with Charlotte Storey from Invoke Finance

Stuart Williams and Charlotte Story

We recently sat down with Charlotte Story from Invoke Finance to chat about common mortgage questions and get some more in-depth answers to them from someone who has over 15 years in the finance industry. Key Questions Answered: What’s the difference between capital repayment and interest-only? As an investor should I look towards the interest-only […]

How To Get A Mortgage For A Rental Property

How to get a mortgage for a rental property

Want to purchase a rental property and need to raise funds in order to do so? How do you get a mortgage for a buy-to-let property in the UK? If you’re well prepared and work with the right professionals, obtaining lending and purchasing an investment property can be straight forward. Be prepared Before speaking to […]

How To Buy Property Without A Mortgage

Buying a home without a mortgage

All property investors at some point during their investing career will explore the option of how to buy a property without a mortgage. Why is this? Well there’s many reasons. Firstly it could be due to the investor being unable to get a mortgage due to poor credit, being overseas, having low income, having too […]

Investing in Off Plan Property

Property Development Construction site

Off Plan Property Key Information More Savings Equal Higher Returns What are the best locations Getting an Off Plan Property Mortgage Get In Touch Our Latest Investment Opportunities   Investing in a property before it’s been built, known as off-plan, has become more attractive to investors throughout the UK and overseas. It’s seen as a […]

How Will Brexit Affect House Prices in 2019

Banksy Brexit man chipping on EU star

On June 23rd 2016, the UK public voted to leave the European Union. An outcome few predicted, and the impact of this was felt instantly with the Prime Minister (David Cameron) resigning the following morning, which unsurprisingly caused a drastic downturn in the financial markets. Fast forward a few weeks, and although the Pound Sterling was […]