Friday News #0116 – Boom: New Figures Show Rental Market Rising 8.5% A Year

Hindsight. It’s something investors try not to focus on too much – you can’t always get it right. You might have said no at a certain time, been sceptical when it might have seemed too good to be true or sat on the fence and perhaps procrastinated for too long… We’re increasingly being contacted by […]

Friday News #0115 – Overseas Investors Find Uk Regional Property A Safe Bet

The UK property market continues to be a safe bet for overseas investors and in particular it is certain regional cities that are offering the greatest opportunity and attracting those looking to secure assets at the optimum time.  Thirlmere Deacon have long championed certain regional cities and currently have access to some of the most […]

Friday News #0114 – Young People Eye Up a Return to City Life

Young professionals are returning to city life in high numbers, and as prospective tenants numbers are increasing, rents are rising too. Furthermore, with the number of landlords actively letting property dwindling across the country, largely due to the tightened restrictions, there are fewer properties available to rent. At the very core of property investment are […]

Friday News #0113 – Investment Firm Says Serviced Apartments Now an Option for Investors

Over the past year or so the property market has propelled beyond expectation and certain areas have seen price growth far greater than the predicted figures. Evaluating which locations have solid foundations in place for long term growth, away from areas which are experiencing what could potentially be temporary popularity, is a challenge for investors. […]

Friday News #0111 – Average UK Rents Almost Touching £1k a Month

With both house prices and rents rising across the UK, investors who sit on their hands are likely to find they’ve missed out on several thousands of pounds worth of capital appreciation in a few months time.  As little as 6 months delay in securing an investment property can make a difference to overall profit. […]

Friday News #0110 – Super-Strong Rental Market Will Last Through Summer and Beyond

Investors might be considering their next steps with an air of caution after reading the reports of a ‘heated’ market. Taking a closer look, investors might unintentionally be missing out on opportunities after being held back by the headlines which are largely being fuelled by the country house market where families’ plans to move to […]

Friday News #0108- Double Digit Rent Rises Across Many Parts Of Britain In Past Year

Timing plays an important role in investment, those investors who see the greatest success will have secured a property at an optimum time. Sometimes as little as six months can make tens of thousands of pounds difference to overall profit.  Often those investors who see the most impressive capital growth from a property will have […]