What happens to my investment property if I die?

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An unpleasant subject yet one that is very important, especially to investors as in the event of death, without pre-planning a buy-to-let property or portfolio can become problematic for the intended beneficiaries. During the stages of planning for investment and process of purchasing, we’re often asked what happens to my investment property when I die? […]

Why tenant profiling is important for residential investment property

If you’re just setting out on your journey to find an investment property you’re probably wondering why tenant profiling is so important before you even own the property. In order to successfully let your rental property to the desired tenants you need to buy a property that will appeal to that type of tenant – […]

What is the current state of the UK property market?

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year presenting investors with opportunities that were totally unexpected. When considering the current state of the UK property market there are several key factors at play which have had an impact and will continue to affect the conditions in which investors are able to secure buy to let […]

How much interest is there in London from European Investors?

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Not too long ago it was reported that European investors were the most active of all the overseas buyers purchasing a property in London in the first half of 2020. For the first time since 2011 European investor activity superseded investment activity by AsiaPac investors. International real estate firm Savills shared that their research which […]

What happens if the developer goes bust and I’ve already invested?

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For many reasons off plan property makes an excellent investment, one of the key factors being the opportunity to achieve strong capital appreciation. Furthermore, early investors are often privy to favourable purchase prices and have access to the choice pickings of the units. But what happens if the developer goes bust after you’ve paid your […]

5 reasons to invest in property through a limited company

Over the past few years tax has continued to increase for landlords and those who hold property privately in their personal name have been worst affected by those changes. We’re often asked ‘should I buy a rental property through a company?’ by our clients, the answer is often dependent on individual circumstances. If you’re considering […]

As a foreign investor, do I need a visa to buy property in the UK?

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No, you do not require a visa to buy a property in the UK as a foreign investor. Though you do not require a visa to buy a property in the UK, there are several considerations to make and factors to be aware of to make the most of your purchase. Here’s a little more […]

Should I put all my cash into one property?

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This is a question that comes up time and time again. Investors who have a large sum which they wish to invest in property can be unsure of whether to put all their cash into one property or whether to split the cash and borrow additional funds in order to buy multiple buy to lets. […]

2020 Q3 Review and Q4 Preview

Our Review Of Q3 2020 Wow, ok Q3 review time. I write this as I am flying over a city called Kirkuk, a couple of hundred km north of Baghdad, Iraq on the way home from Dubai. At first glance, and from this high up the area looks arid and empty. At a closer glance, […]