Friday News #0101 – Is Investing in Off-Plan Developments a Good Move?

Friday News 2nd April 2021 

Investors are increasingly choosing to diversify their portfolios, wanting to avoid being reliant on the success of one particular strategy, region or a single development.

Thirlmere Deacon has long championed diverse property portfolios and actively encourage investors to adopt this strategy over the long term.

At various price points and in different locations across the country, there are a number of options available to investors that we would recommend to those seeking to expand or begin their property portfolio. 

Here’s what we’ve seen in the news this week:

Is investing in off-plan developments a good move? Recent figures reveal that there remains a chronic shortfall in the number of new builds across the UK compared to the growing demand for homes, with 84,000 fewer delivered in 2020 and overall output dropping from 255,000 year-on-year to just 171,000 homes in 2020/2021. Read more. 

Number of overseas landlords of UK properties reaches a five-year high: The number of overseas landlords owning property in the UK has hit a five-year high of 184,000, marking an increase of 19% over five years. Read more.

Confidence grows in BTL as landlords take out larger loans: Despite having a rough ride over the last few years in terms of tax measures imposed on them, it seems that confidence among UK landlords is growing, with the latest data revealing that they’re putting their money where their mouth is. Read more.

Number of prospective tenants continued to rise in February: In February, the number of new prospective tenants in the UK rose for the second consecutive month according to the latest Private Rented Sector report by ARLA Propertymark. Read more.

Property vs Bitcoin: Which Is The Best Investment? When weighing up an investment’s credentials there are several factors that are considered including the risk vs return ratios, historical trends, future predictions and volatility in the market. Learn more.   

Would The End of The Lockdown Lead to A Rise In Demand for Property for Investment? If you’re wondering what’s going to happen to the UK property market after lockdown you’re not alone. Read our article to learn more.