Friday News #0103 -Insight – Where Are the Most Profitable Locations for BTL landlords?

The press is widely reporting on the latest data that shows landlords are holding onto their assets and seeking ways to borrow money against their portfolio to allow them to secure further buy-to-let properties – it’s clear there is opportunity available to savvy investors in the current market.

Here’s what we’ve seen in the news this week: 

Insight – where are the most profitable locations for BTL landlords? Recent research from CIA Landlords revealed the top 10 locations where landlords can potentially make the most profits from buy-to-let. Read more. 

Landlord Sell-Off Slows to Seven-Year Low: British landlords sold nearly 132,000 properties in 2020, the smallest sell-off since 2013. Research from Hamptons reveals that the average landlord who sold up last year in England & Wales sold their buy-to-let for £82,450 or 42% more than they paid for it, having owned the property for 9.1 years on average. The average landlord gross gain increased by £3,390 or 4% to £82k compared to 2019 (£79,060), marking the first annual rise in more than five years. Read more. 

Big rise in rents outside London as demands outstrips supply: New figures suggest a large average rise in rents over the past year in almost every region outside of London. The average rent on a newly let home in March stood 4.4 per cent higher across Britain – but if London is excluded, that figure booms to 6.8 per cent annually. Read more.

Investors switching to second charge market for funding as demand for BTL soars: Investors and homeowners are utilising second charge mortgages to raise money to invest in buy-to-let properties, reflecting the soaring demand for rental properties and the current financial landscape as we emerge from lockdown. Read more.

Annual house price growth approaches 10%: Over the last twelve months, the average price of a home in England and Wales has increased by around £30,000, or just below 10%, according to the latest e.surv Acadata House Price Index. According to e.surv, the average price of a house in England and Wales now stands at £339,160 – up by 0.7% on the month and 9.8% on the year. Read more.