Friday News #0105 – Will House Prices Rise in the ‘Roaring Twenties’? These Five Charts Offer a Clue

With a focus on changing tenant demand, area regeneration and improvements to infrastructure, certain locations in the UK shine far brighter than others as places investors should be considering for investment.

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Here’s what we’ve seen in the news this week:

Will house prices rise in the ‘roaring twenties’? These five charts offer a clue: The property market has hit crazy heights. In March, there were more sales than in any other month since 2004 and 12-month house price growth in February was a seven-year high of 8.6pc. This is all before the so-called “roaring twenties” of Britain’s economic reopening has even started. The effects of the vaccine rollout and the end of lockdown have not yet fully affected house prices. Could the boost in values get even bigger or will everything that has happened in the past 12 months be undone? Read more.

Property sales doubled in the first three months of 2021: Frenzied demand has fuelled twice as many property sales in the first months of this year, as the market became the busiest in decades. Read more.

London sees demand and rents fall for fourth consecutive quarter: The reversal of fortunes in the capital has continued for the fourth quarter in a row as the latest analysis from SpareRoom reveals that average London room rents dropped by 8%, from £771 in Q1 2020 to £706 in Q1 2021. Read more. 

How the average house price in each local authority of the UK has changed since the first reported case of Covid: Since the first case of coronavirus was reported back in 2020, every part of the economy has been impacted. Even house moves were put on hold for the majority of people as home working had begun and the process became even slower. But despite all this, house prices have increased almost 10 per cent across the UK. Read more.

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