Friday News #0113 – Investment Firm Says Serviced Apartments Now an Option for Investors

Over the past year or so the property market has propelled beyond expectation and certain areas have seen price growth far greater than the predicted figures. Evaluating which locations have solid foundations in place for long term growth, away from areas which are experiencing what could potentially be temporary popularity, is a challenge for investors.

As restrictions are lifted and more predictable activity resumes there are several stand out locations that offer an excellent long-term opportunity, get in touch to learn more. 

Here’s what we’ve seen in the news this week:

Investment firm says serviced apartments now an option for investors: Investment consultancy Thirlmere Deacon says serviced apartments, typically for visitors, can provide an attractive option for investors right now. Read more.

Average UK House Price Grows >£2,500 in a Month: The latest House Price Index from Rightmove indicates that the cost of a property coming to the market in the last month rose by £2,509. Given that the average UK salary per month is a little under £2,000 after tax, this means that in many cases, the average home is earning more per month than the people inside it. Read more.

London landlords abandon property purchases as stamp duty holiday savings evaporate: The number of properties bought by landlords in London has slumped to the lowest level on record as stamp duty savings plummet. The share of purchases in the capital made by investors plunged from a February peak of 15pc to 5pc in May, according to analysis by Hamptons estate agents. This was the lowest level since records started in 2009. Read more.

How has the UK property market fared in the five years since the EU referendum? Depending on which side you listened to, Brexit would either cast the UK back into the Dark Ages or propel it forward into an era of enlightenment and progress. So polarised was the rhetoric around the EU referendum, it became increasingly difficult to discern fact from fiction. Bolder and bolder claims dominated the headlines, and, in the end, the nation was left divided (almost exactly down the middle). Read more.

How To Calculate The Market Value Of A Property: In our latest article we highlight the ways in which you can assess the value of a property. Read more.