Friday News #0115 – Overseas Investors Find Uk Regional Property A Safe Bet

The UK property market continues to be a safe bet for overseas investors and in particular it is certain regional cities that are offering the greatest opportunity and attracting those looking to secure assets at the optimum time. 

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Here’s what we’ve seen in the news this week:

Overseas Investors Find Uk Regional Property A Safe Bet: British homeowners are not the only ones feeling flush after a year of sharply rising house prices outside London. Investors from Saudi Arabia to Hong Kong have been placing ever bigger bets on the UK’s regional cities, building houses there and banking big gains. For three decades overseas money has flowed mainly into the capital, attracted by a booming economy and sharply rising house prices. Read more from the Financial Times.

A Record! Average Uk Rent Over £1,000 Pcm For First Time: The average UK rent now stands at a record £1,007 per calendar month – the highest ever, according to HomeLet. It’s up 5.9 per cent on the same time last year, and up 7.0 per cent on this time two years ago. Read more. 

Good News For Buy To Let As Mortgage Choice Bounces Back: There’s good news for the buy to let sector today as an independent mortgage market monitor reports a 15-month high in the number of products aimed at the sector. Moneyfacts says that at 2,709 products, July sees the highest number of options on offer in the buy to let sector since March 2020. Read more.

The Crazy Property Boom Won’t Be Followed By A Bust – Just A Return To Normality: The property market resembles a supermarket in the early days of lockdown: the shelves are bare and only the dregs remain. After a frenzy fuelled by a stamp duty holiday and the psychological pressures of the pandemic, there are few homes left for sale. Estate agents report that demand is high, with thousands of buyers on their books but a handful of homes on the market. The ratio of sold to available properties is at its lowest level since July 2002, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Read more from the Telegraph.