Friday News #090 – Buy-to-let tax loopholes: tips on how landlords can save money on their properties

Friday News 15th January 2021

True to form the UK property market has gotten off to a flying start with property sites reporting their busiest start to the year ever in terms of online traffic. Browsing for properties is one thing, making savvy investment purchases can require expert input.

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Here’s what we’ve seen in the news this week:

Stamp duty holiday is not driving UK property market activity: It’s not all doom and gloom for the property market once the stamp duty holiday ends in April, according to new research by Moving Home Advice. Its report said the majority of UK home buyers in 2021 are not being motivated by the stamp duty holiday, “despite the narrative currently being told throughout papers and news channels.” Read more.

Rents booming in much of England and Wales away from London: Rents across much of England and Wales are performing strongly according to a new market analysis – and in some areas the annual increases are in double figures. Read more.

Buy-to-let tax loopholes: tips on how landlords can save money on their properties: Buy-to-let owners have been hit by a series of punishing tax changes since 2017, forcing a quarter of a million to sell up and exit the market. But there are still ways for savvy landlords to save money on their tax bill and make the numbers add up. Read more in The Telegraph.

Housing market sees busiest ever start to a year: Rightmove recorded our busiest ever start to a new year, with visits to our website up 30% on the same time period in 2020. Read more.

Why tenant profiling is important for residential investment property: If you’re just setting out on your journey to find an investment property you’re probably wondering why tenant profiling is so important before you even own the property. Read our latest blog to learn more.