Friday News #094 – Buy-to-let tax loopholes: tips on how landlords can save money on their properties.

Friday News 12th February 2021

The UK housing market continues to be undersupplied driving house prices upwards and affordability has recently been reported to be at its lowest point in a decade – the demand for rental property remains high and is set to continue growing.

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Here’s what we’ve seen in the news this week:

New build house prices boom by as much as 48% since 2015, out performing the regular market across the UK: The latest research from new build snagging company, HouseScan, has revealed where new build homebuyers have enjoyed the largest return on their investment in the last five years, as the strongest pockets of the new build market see prices boom by as much as 48%. Read more.

Private rental sector growth highest in the north: The proportion of the population in the private rented sector in England has risen three per cent in the past decade. Read more.

Buy-to-let tax loopholes: tips on how landlords can save money on their properties: Buy-to-let owners have been hit by a series of punishing tax changes since 2017, forcing a quarter of a million to sell up and exit the market. But there are still ways for savvy landlords to save money on their tax bill and make the numbers add up. Read more.

Affordability across property market drops to 10-year low: Affordability across the UK property market has fallen to a 10 year low, according to research from Benham and Reeves. The average net salary reached £25,123 in 2020, whilst house prices rose to £249,633 on average. This equates to income affordability of 9.94. In addition, a minimum of one entire years’ full salary is now required for the average deposit. Read more.

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