Friday News #098 – Transactions and Prices to Boom Over Next Five Years – Forecast

Friday News 12 March 2021

Investors seeking to catch the wave of capital growth that’s on the horizon need to make sure they have the best assets in place in order to see the greatest returns.

Whilst you need to be ‘in it to win it’ not all investments were created equal – purchasing without consideration and thorough research would be a mistake. We have several guides available in the Investor Resource section of our website, including the 2021 UK Hotspot Guide.

Here’s what we’ve seen in the news this week.

Transactions and prices to boom over next five years – forecast: Transactions and house price forecasts for the mainstream housing market are being revised upwards by Savills following the Budget. The new predictions follow an unexpectedly strong market in 2020, which Savills says was the first time in modern history that house prices rose in a recession. Read more.

Why are international investors piling into the North West’s BTL market? International investors are increasingly focusing on the buy-to-let (BTL) property market in the North West of England, according to property investment firm Thirlmere Deacon. The UK property market has already seen an influx of interest from Hong Kong buyers since the new path to citizenship was announced in the summer of 2020 and recent research shows that others are following their lead. Read more. 

Growing interest in buy-to-let from first-time landlords: Buy-to-let brokers are most commonly searching from criteria about mortgages for first-time landlords, research from Knowledge Bank has found. In February it was the most-searched term by brokers, signalling that they are looking to find mortgages for first-time landlord clients. Read more.

Investors see residential property as ‘a safe investment’: With savers receiving poor returns from banks and building societies, thousands of people unsurprisingly continue to turn to residential property as a means of supplementing their income, supported by low mortgage borrowing rates, solid demand from tenants and stable yields, as buy-to-let consolidates itself as the investment of choice. Read more.

Property sales to soar as stamp duty extension rejuvenates market: The property market is readying itself for a surge in sales as the benefits of the stamp duty holiday extension begin to take effect. Early signs of a market slowdown in the first months of 2021 have already begun to reverse, with surveyors reporting an immediate increase in enquiries following the Chancellor’s announcement in the Budget last week. Read more from The Telegraph.

6 Ways to Raise Capital to Buy Investment Property: If you’re thinking about investing in property and are unsure how to get started we’ve pulled together 6 ways to raise capital to buy an investment property. Read our latest article.