Landlords plan to expand their portfolio into the North West in 2020

The Lowry at night

More than one in five landlords plan to expand their property portfolio into the North West region of England according to new research. This clear indication of confidence in the region’s property market is supported by industry professionals.

Regeneration has been and continues, to be widespread across the North West, the local economies are growing and further improvements to infrastructure such as High Speed Rail 2 support investors plans to purchase rental property in key locations across the region.

Property prices in the North West tend to be lower than those in the South East of the UK making them a more attractive prospect for investors building a portfolio of properties. With the potential for high rental yields and capital appreciation, it is of little wonder that so many landlords are planning to expand their portfolio into the North West in 2020.

Liverpool property investment

Property in Liverpool has relatively low purchase prices when compared to other investment hotspots in the UK. With entry prices being far less than many other locations Liverpool is deemed to be a lower risk option. The upward trajectory of property prices across the city provides an indication of the potential for impressive future capital growth; over the past 5 years average property prices in Liverpool have risen by over 20%.

A key driver for property price growth in Liverpool is the regeneration currently in motion and the plans in the pipeline for further development and improvement.

The Baltic Triangle area, in particular, is a key part of the overall regeneration in Liverpool and we believe the residences here to be one of the most exciting prospects for investors seeking property in Liverpool.

Manchester property investment

Manchester is the most established city in the North West in terms of its economy and the property market. Perhaps the most popular place to move to for those leaving London, Manchester attracts many professionals who relocate to the city year on year.

Property prices in Manchester remain to be considerably lower than prices for comparable properties in the South East, despite the fact that average property prices in Manchester are reported to have grown by a considerable 31% in the past 5 years.

There are far higher rental yields on offer than in other UK investment destinations and with continuing development and improvements to infrastructure in the pipeline and already underway, there remains to be a great potential for capital appreciation – if you make a well informed purchasing decision.

Due to the nature of Manchester’s property market already being a popular investor destination, it would be prudent of investors to carefully consider where and what type of property they are buying to ensure investment success.

Property Investment in the North West

Our team of expert investment advisors can assist with your plans for property investment in the North West region in 2020. We have access to several new and exciting developments for our investors to consider.

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