Property Investment Hotspots 2020

For those seeking the best places to invest in UK property in 2020 we have compiled a shortlist of locations that should be included in any discerning investors hunt for an investment property.

Locations that have not yet peaked, locations that still have a great potential for capital appreciation whilst having proven to be a robust prospect and importantly, locations that offer a solid rental return.


Birmingham continues to be a prime investment target; in terms of property investment hotspots for 2020 Birmingham is one of the best locations in the UK. Some believed the city might see a slowdown in the face of Brexit uncertainty as other cities did; this was not the case.

Birmingham, the UK’s second city, has seen continuous and impressive economic growth and in turn a growing population. These factors are driving the city’s regeneration, Birmingham has already seen many multimillion-pound developments and improvements made with more projects in the pipeline.

From an investors perspective, the city is ideal as the demand for housing continues to support good rental yields and promise of price growth; international estate agent Knight Frank has predicted that property prices in Birmingham will see rises of 12.5% by 2022.


Located in the West Midlands, a short distance from Birmingham, Wolverhampton is one of our top property investment hotspots for 2020. With comparatively low property prices, strong rental yields and excellent prospects for capital appreciation; it is a location every savvy investor should be adding to their portfolios.

Wolverhampton has one of the UK’s fastest-growing economies and the city is seeing a great deal of redevelopment with many plans for regeneration in the pipeline and several projects already underway. The demand for rental property is set to increase as the population swells.

A key source of potential tenants seeking property in Wolverhampton is the Birmingham workforce, with the train from Wolverhampton to Birmingham taking just 16 minutes. The combined demand from Wolverhampton’s growing economy and population and the interest from those working in Birmingham seeking more cost-effective places to live is driving strong demand for rental property.


Long-time investment hotspot, Manchester continues to present investors with many attractive prospects. The city is a distinguished investment location, being one of the first locations outside of London to really garner interest amongst investors both domestic and international.

Manchester is seeing improvements to infrastructure which will further improve its already impressive transport connections. From the plans for High-Speed Rail to the Manchester Metrolink which has seen a decade of progress – it is an exceptionally well-connected city.

The city attracts young professionals and families alike both with the exciting career prospects and the greater quality of life available. Manchester is regarded by investors as a ‘safe’ bet due to its proven stability.


Liverpool shines bright as a long term investment prospect whilst also delivering excellent rental yields in the immediate future. The city has seen somewhat of a transformation in recent years with huge regeneration projects underway and many more planned.

Price growth is expected to continue with Jones Lang LaSalle predicting respectable property price growth through 2020. Following the completion of Liverpool ONE, the UK’s largest open-air shopping centre, the city’s largest project in motion is the redevelopment of Liverpool’s waterfront.

Liverpool presents an exciting opportunity for investors, especially those seeking long term capital appreciation, whilst also being able to achieve yields of 7% at the present time.


Foolish investors might have overlooked Leeds in the past, perhaps not realising the city’s true potential.

The Leeds population is growing at an incredible rate pushing up the demand for rental property and supporting high average yields across the area. With projects in the pipeline such as the redevelopment of the South Bank area set to double the size of Leeds city centre and with it over 35,000 new jobs – redevelopment is set to have a huge impact on the city.

Leeds is very well connected with the direct train service from Leeds into London King’s Cross taking just over 2 hours.

In its favour, Leeds has a growing population, strong prospects for economic growth and lower property prices than many alternative locations. For investors, the city presents impressive rental yields and exciting prospects for capital appreciation and should definitely be included on any list of UK investment hotspots for 2020.

UK property investment 2020

These top property investment hotspots should be considered by investors at their soonest opportunity. 2019 presented a great deal of uncertainty which affected property markets across the UK and leaves a window of opportunity for those who take action in the early parts of 2020.

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