The Soul, Zanzibar

One of the most beautiful islands in the world, Zanzibar is known for its white-sand beaches, crystal clear waters and serene forests. Fast becoming an extremely popular holiday destination, the exotic East Coast of Zanzibar is particularly stunning.

For investors, Zanzibar is an incredibly exciting prospect, the rapidly changing demographics and a spike in international interest are placing it firmly on the map as a site for consideration. Savvy investors are securing property in this emerging property market that has a very promising future ahead.

The Tourism Sector in Zanzibar has grown considerably in recent years creating an enormous demand for additional rooms year on year. The Soul is the first residential development in Zanzibar to be based on the Condominium Act which allows foreign ownership with the full investment protection of the Government of Zanzibar.

Investment Highlights

Prices starting from USD 44,500
Located on Zanzibar’s popular East Coast holiday destination
Beautifully designed to make the most of the scenery
Selection of property types and sizes available
Full management available to assist with letting long or short term

Developer and Management Team

The company behind The Soul are CPS, a team of experienced individuals who are passionate about creating an exceptional property.

Collectively their credentials in delivering impressive projects in a timely fashion are second to none, implementing Global Standards and African perspectives to deliver exceptional property.

What elevates CPS above others are their ambitions to create meaningful property solutions that are built for longevity.

The Development and Zanzibar

Located on Zanzibar’s East Coast, The Soul is a fully serviced, residential-leisure facility providing the ultimate setting for relaxation.

Designed to embrace the tropical coastal location, The Soul allows those staying to readily enjoy scenic jungle walks, relax on the perfect powder beaches or indulge in the top-shelf entertainment.

This part of Zanzibar is known to be one of the world’s leading kite-surfing destinations, The Soul is located in Paje which is one of the islands hotspots for water-sports.