Q1 2020 Review and what’s coming up in Q2

Q1 Q2 reviewa nd preview thirlmere Deacon property invest

Well as we close the doors on Q1 of 2020 we look back at an incredibly interesting quarter. The start of the quarter hailed a new beginning firmly seen in under a new invigorated Conservative government ready for anything after the Brexit debacle of the last few years. The Quarter has ended in a way I don’t think anyone would have foreseen, national (if not global) lockdown to stop the spread of a deadly virus. Unprecedented times indeed. We here at TD have to move with the times and both our London and Dubai offices are now gathering dust and our team members all working remotely, we ironically feel more connected than we ever have.

The TD Focus Q1 – Satellite Cities and Tertiary Towns

Off the back of a very successful year in 2019, working on some of the major UK cities including Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool – All of which saw unprecedented growth the preceding few years, we move into 2020 looking at capitalise on the ripple effect of these big city success stories. To set off our focus on these satellite cities and tertiary towns, we launched our Wolverhampton City Centre project which saw us piggy-backing off the success of neighbouring Birmingham. Just 8 miles away and accessible by an improving rail, road and bus link, Wolverhampton is in itself a city with industry, employment, Premier League and European football. So already a place like most areas of the UK that is struggling cope with the housing demand, however, when you add in the urbanisation effect of Birmingham and all those that are flocking to the country’s 2nd city for work from all over the West Midlands and further afield, demand for rental property at a fraction of the price of and highly accessible to central Birmingham, you’ll understand why we have set out our stall in Wolverhampton.

The TD Focus Q2

Continuing the Satellite cities and tertiary towns focus, we are due to launch another West Midlands location shortly. Same developer, same high quality and thus the same team involved with the care and management from completion. We will allow investors to again get in to this location early and therefore getting an off-plan discount but also have the long term 10 year rental assurance that has been working so well for us thus far.
Q2 has also allowed us a rare step back in time too, with a small allocation of apartments being brought to market in our Centre Manchester triumph, Regent Plaza at last years pre-construction price.

Final positive thought. The unfortunate circumstances around COVID 19 have thrown up some very uncertain and troubling realities for some and we wish everyone one well. I am pleased to confirm that those clients already benefiting from long term rental assurances with our favourite management company Danum House Management are not only getting their full rents paid but their income is fully insured against non-payment from tenants during this tough period.

Stay safe and stay diligent.