Off Plan Investment

We’re often asked about off plan investment, the merits of buying property at this early stage, what it means for the overall strategy and the types of returns investors can expect.   We’ve recently released a few developments across various cities in the North of England which are off plan properties so it seems a good […]

How To Calculate The Market Value Of A Property

When it comes to determining how to calculate the market value of a property there is often no one defined route to the correct figure.  There are hundreds of variables to consider and factors to include that have an impact on a property price that it can seem an overwhelming task, meaning homeowners will usually […]

How Can I Invest In Property With Little Money?

Those considering investing in property often ask ‘How can I invest in property with little money?’ It’s a common misconception that only very wealthy people are able to invest in property. Whilst the internet is filled with suggestions on how to invest in property with very little money but it’s unlikely these opportunities are quite […]

Where To Invest In Birmingham –  Up And Coming Areas

When considering where to invest in Birmingham investors are increasingly seeking the best up and coming areas in which to secure a property for buy to let investment. Birmingham’s profile has been on the rise for some time, the UK’s second city has seen a considerable transformation over recent years, ongoing regeneration has expanded the […]

Is A Serviced Accommodation Property Strategy Good For Investors?

Property investment success is not just limited to the traditional buy-to-let structure and when considering alternative options some might wonder if a serviced accommodation property strategy is good for investors?  The serviced accommodation property strategy is a relatively new one and might appeal to some investors as it can deliver excellent rental returns. If you’ve […]

Top 5 London Commuter Towns for Investment

For many investors the capital has lost its shine, high prices and low yields are deterring would-be buyers who are now looking for alternative nearby options that have good transport connections, such as these Top 5 London commuter towns for investment. Each year tens of thousands of home movers leave London and the pandemic only […]

Property vs Bitcoin: Which Is The Best Investment?

Many investors are comparing Property vs Bitcoin in order to establish which is the best investment? When weighing up an investment’s credentials there are several factors that are considered including the risk vs return ratios, historical trends, future predictions and volatility in the market. We’ve all heard of investors who happened to choose to buy […]

Would The End of The Lockdown Lead to A Rise In Demand for Property for Investment?

If you’re wondering what’s going to happen to the UK property market after lockdown you’re not alone. The media is happily pedalling any prediction or forecast that’s put out, predictably making the most noise about any prediction that includes a negative spin but what’s really going on? Will the property market crash? What’s the outlook […]

What SIC Code Should You Use for Your Property Company?

Increasingly landlords are choosing to run their businesses through a limited company structure and during the process of registration one question that often arises is What SIC code should you use for your property company?   There are a number of reasons why landlords are choosing to invest in property through a limited company, we […]

6 Ways to Raise Capital to Buy Investment Property

If you’re thinking about investing in property and are unsure how to get started we’ve pulled together 6 ways to raise capital to buy an investment property.  The first hurdle for many would-be investors is to figure out how much they want to spend on an investment. Whilst the intention might be to use a […]